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Kaleidoscope Artist: Ben Ansley

Ben Ansley: Ben usually prefers the title of craftsman, rather than artist. At the risk of offending him, I do want to give him the title of Master of Alabaster. All of his scopes are constructed from this soft translucent stone. His object cells usually feature millefiori beads and dichroic glass shards.

Alabaster: Produced in 1993, it is his basic classic kaleidoscope (the one on top in the photograph).
Magnetized: Produced in 1995, it features a small magnet that stirs the hidden object cell.




Black light: Produced in 1995, features a black light as the light source with fluorescent objects in the object cell. I was unable to fully capture the vivid beauty of the image it produces.




Egg: This simple alabaster egg was made in 1997. The eyehole was too small to allow me to take a proper interior photograph.


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