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Kaleidoscope Artist: Stephen Auger

Stephen Auger is another talented kaleidoscope artist from the early era of modern kaleidoscopes. His smaller and medium-sized scopes produce simple images compared to his larger kaleidoscopes. His maker's mark is shown in the photos of the large etched brass kaleidoscope.

Small Boxed: Produced in 1987, in brass, it is marked 2245. It is a small scope and may be worn from a necklace



Enameled Brass: Produced in 1987, it features a blue and white enameled tube. It is marked II 269.
Etched Brass: Produced in 1987, it features a heavily textured brass tube. It is marked 4915.



Large Etched Brass: Produced in 1983, it features a complex object cell and a wonderfully textured brass tube.




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