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Kaleidoscope Artist: Allen Crandell

Allen Crandell: This artist produced kaleidoscopes for only a few years. He has since gone on to other interests. After viewing the jpeg of part of one of his wheels, you can appreciate why he might quickly burn out making these wheels. Even his handheld scopes have over 200 pieces of stained glass in the two wheels. He sold scopes under the name Crandell's Creations. I think he has created the finest wheeled scopes of the modern kaleidoscope era.

Melrose Window: This is #3 of 20 and is dated 1993. The front wheel has 63 pieces of stained glass and 237 on the rear wheel. That bit of trivia is courtesy of Allen Crandell. The scope is adorned with a dragon, wizard, and crystals. My images only capture the central portion of the mandala. One of the images below is of a portion of the rear wheel of this scope.



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