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Master Kaleidoscope Artist: Steven Gray

Steven Gray: Page 2

Worlds Among Themselves: I have also seen this one called Worlds of Themselves. This one is from 1992 and is #4 of 10. The edition was originally to be 25. There are small beads placed over the eyepiece that each capture the kaleidoscopic image, giving multiple views of the image.




Chamber Extenuation: This one is #6 of 25 and is from 1990. The base houses a series of colored glass panels. These panels slide down the third mirror side of the kaleidoscope. This casts a glow around the mandala. The photos below are with the blue/green and yellow panels.





Geoconcentrical Dreams: Another treasure from 1992, this one is #6 of 25. You view this one from the front wavy glass panel. To the right is a small spherical image. To the left, a larger spherical image envelops the smaller spherical image.




Carousel 1: This item dates from 1987 and is #6 of 30. The tray spins for minutes with a simple push. While static images are not very exciting, they fly by with such speed that the simple items seem to do well in the object tray. The panels in the tray are reversible. Also, the tray can be filled with items from your own selections. Cheap music box copies of this scope have been produced.




Phantasmic Stratums: This one is #16 of 25 from 1991. Another unusual mirror system creates multiple layers of honeycombs.



Carousel 2: This one is a futuristic version of Carousel 1. It is dated 1988 and is #20 of 50.




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