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Master Kaleidoscope Artist: Steven Gray

Steven Gray: Page 3

Aberrations Within the Eye Chamber: This is a 1991, #17 of 25. Basically a vertical Parasol image. The image shown below should be turned 90 degrees.



Espy From Within: This one is #3 of 25 and is from 1992. Another complex image. To the right you get a pillar. To the left a larger pillar wraps around the smaller one.



Depth Impression: This one is #8 of 25 from 1990. Image is a bit like the parasol, but there are two families of diamond images that repeat. As a bonus you get a cube, sphere and cone made from burl wood. This item is binocular.



The Volcano: This one is #9 of 10 from 1989. Similar to the boxed set. The orb is intended to be an object chamber. Also provided is an interchangeable object chamber with nice glass pieces. The orb is etched.






Binocular: This one is from 1986, an early binocular scope. It uses a huge rod as the object image and came with a nice felt-and-wood display stand.



Teleidoscope: This is the King Kong of teleidoscopes. This one is dated 1986. A hook is provided to hang it from the ceiling. It is too large and heavy to be used as a handheld scope. The final photo shows Marty Scherer of Scherer Gallery with the teleidoscope.




Brewster Society 1992 Collaboration Scope: This item was made with the efforts of over ten top artists for the 1992 convention of the Brewster Society. It is one of two that were made to raise money for children's charities. Steven did the woodworking on this item.



Parasol Poster: This one is signed.


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