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Master Kaleidoscope Artists: Randy & Shelley Knapp

Randy and Shelley Knapp: The Knapps have earned the title of masters for their fine woodworking, unique object cells (lucinis, use of curved ampules, side lighting), wonderful sculptural forms and occasional whimsical kaleidoscopes. They have recently teamed up with master ornamental woodcarver, Paul Fletcher, of England, to produce some of the finest woodworking to ever grace a kaleidoscope. Their newer wood pieces have a much nicer finish than the early items. You get a fine image from most any Knapp scope made in the last decade. As the eyeholes on their scopes are small, my photos only show the central portion of the image. Their production-model scopes have a nice image, but invest in one of their limited-edition kaleidoscopes to truly see the marvel of their artistic talents.

Randy and Shelley Knapp: Page 1

The Transatlantic: This one is a true collaboration. It features the wood carving by Paul Fletcher. Shelley Knapp's lucinis are in the object cell. This is an edition of 30, dated 1995. A photo of the open object cell is below.







Shockra: Note the dichroic windows in the object chamber. It is dated 1993.



She Plays with Fire: This one is from an edition of 27 and is dated 1994. This scope introduced the lucini bead working.



Twilight: This one is #39 of 60 and is dated 1991. This was my first scope with a side-lit chamber with a dark background. A small penlight provides additional light to the object chamber.



Ariadne: This one is dated 1998 and is #7 of 24. Another work with Paul Fletcher and Shelley's lucinis. The scope can be lifted from the stand and has one of the smoothest-turning object chambers ever made.



Dichro Vision: An early Randy Knapp scope. Polarized object chamber. Dated 1990. Note Shelley did not sign the early scopes.



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