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Kaleidoscope Artists: Andrew and Robyn Leary

Andrew and Robyn Leary are talented artists from New Zealand. They are the only modern kaleidoscope artists who produce their own first-surface mirrors. Most of their scopes are made of kauri wood, found locally after being buried for 30,000 years in New Zealand bogs. Their kaleidoscopes are sold under the name Scopes: New Zealand.

????????: This scope dates from 1994. It is his basic scope. Many variations of the object cell contents are currently being produced.





Film Festival: This scope dates from 1997, and is #2 of 2. It features a large orb that holds a soap solution. A ring drops into the soap solution and as it is lifted, a soap film forms on the ring and sits just in front of the mirror system. The colors of the soap film playfully dance for about 20 seconds before a new bubble must be retrieved.


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