Virtual Kaleidoscope Museum: Modern Artists
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Modern Kaleidoscope Gallery

Welcome to the Modern Kaleidoscope Gallery. Kaleidoscopes have been popular since they were invented in the early 1800s. In the late 1900s kaleidoscopes were rediscovered by talented artists. No longer were most kaleidoscopes made by scientific instrument makers. These talented artists have explored many new horizons in the kaleidoscope artform. We have seen new mirror systems, new object chambers, and new sculptural forms. Every year we see new things in the kaleidoscope world, but I think this period of explosive revolution reached an apex in the early 1990s.

Most of the items shown in this gallery are from my personal collection. If an artist has a large room with many scopes and images shown it is a good indication that I have great respect for that artist. I feel that some great artists are underrepresented in my collection, so view my prior statement as a rule of thumb. Some artists are truly gifted and innovative, and these I have designated as Kaleidoscope Masters. I have tried to be very selective in giving out that title. Many artists that I have in my collection I consider near masters, and they may soon be elevated to the title of Kaleidoscope Master. To visit the gallery room for any artist, just click on their name. After you finish visiting their room(s), click on the link to return to this page. If you are an artist or a fan of an artist and you have some photos you would like to include in the museum, send a few jpegs to the museum director by clicking on the link at the bottom of this webpage.

Gallery directory:

Ben Ansley
Emin Arpaci
Stephen Auger
D.J. and P.J. Austin
Jeffrey Balter and David Meelheim
Jerry Beall
Henry Bergeson
Dave Bowman
Janice and Ray Chesnik
Phil Coghill
R. Scott Cole
David Collier
Robert Cook and Jocelyn Teh
Allen Crandell
Peter and Skeeter DeMattia
Lauren Demuth
Don Doak
Sam Douglas
Luc and Sallie Durette
Dennis and Diane Falconer
Steven J. Gray
Bruce Greenberg and Alice Porembski
Stan Griffith
Ritama Haaga
John Haug
Amy Hnatko
Ray Howlett
Craig Huber
Wiley Jobe
Doug Johnson
Charles Karadimos
Peggy (Burnside) & Steve Kittelson
Randy & Shelley Knapp
Sheryl Koch
Ken and Cheryl Kosage
Jack Lazarowski and Tim Grannis
Andrew Leary
David and Jan Marshall
Christine McEwan
Earl McNeil
Bob McWilliam
W. James and June Mindrup
Michael Miron
Christie Moody
Sherry Moser
Craig Musser
Margaret Neher
Axel Nilsson
Bill O'Connor
Tom & Carol Paretti
Steve and David Parman
Judith Paul
Puffin Woodworks
Tom Raredon
Michael Redmond
Mark Reynolds
Peach Reynolds
Lori Riley
Michael Sherman
Will Smith
Robert Stephan
Peter Stephens
Willie Stevenson
Susan Stover
Massimo Strino
David Sugich
Glenn & Ben Straub
Marc Tickle
David Tischler
L. Van Derviele
Corki Weeks
Kay Winkler
Unmarked Modern Kaleidoscopes

Museum Directory: To Go to any floor click on the floor desired.

First Floor: Modern Kaleidoscope Gallery Awaiting further funding
Second Floor: Toy Kaleidoscope Gallery Awaiting funding
Third Floor: Antique Kaleidoscope Gallery Awaiting funding
Fourth Floor: Kaleidoscope Related Artwork Awaiting funding
Fifth Floor: Reference Materials and Administrative Offices Awaiting funding
Sixth Floor: Kaleidoscope Hall of Fame Awaiting funding
Museum Exit
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This museum is the sole property of the webmaster. It is intended to be a reference source for all kaleidoscope collectors. Please be aware we are discussing a form of art. While I will try to be as objective as possible, any artwork is more a matter of subjective tastes.

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