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Master Kaleidoscope Artists: Peggy (Burnside) & Steve Kittelson

Peggy (Burnside) & Steve Kittelson: I am not too sure what to call them now that they are married. It looks like they are now signing their scopes Peggy and Steve Kittelson; they are also known as Woodland Glass. I am really more of a fan of wood and brass kaleidoscopes, so for stained-glass artists to get my vote for master kaleidoscope artist they must do something really special. Most of their scopes are made with slumped-glass containers. Sorry Steve, you may be very talented and a heck of a nice guy, but Peggy is the jewel of this team. Peggy continues to advance her glassworking in wonderful ways. I will also give them credit for producing some of the finest images in the $250 to $500 range. They also are tireless workers at the Brewster Society conventions.

Peggy and Steve Kittelson: Page 1

Wild Irish Rose: This was to be a one of a kind. It is dated 1997 and #1 of 1. It was produced for auction at a Brewster Society convention. They are making versions of this scope at my request. Lampworked roses can be found in the object chamber.





Nature's Promise: This one is #23 of 50 and is dated 1996. The mirror system produces arms that extend up the scope barrel from the central mandala. My photo makes it look like these radiate out much more than they do. Small lampworked rainbows can be found in the object chamber.






Mystic Rapture: This one is dated 1994.




Geotechtonica: This one is #4 of 15 and is dated 1996. It features fine slices of mineral specimens in the object cell. Steve studied geology in his younger days.





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