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Master Kaleidoscope Artists: Glen & Ben Straub

Glenn & Ben Straub: The Straubs are a father-and-son team, Glenn being the father. Their superior optics, woodworking, and spectacular object chambers have earned them the title of Master Kaleidoscope Artists. I have long considered many of their scopes to give the best image for your dollar. These days Ben does the optics. Every modern kaleidoscope collection should include at least a sculptural form or one from their theater series. My photos on the two-mirror scopes only capture the central portion of the mandala.

Glenn and Ben Straub: Page 1

Solace: This one is #10 of 12 and is dated 1997.






Magnus II: A small scope with two mirror systems (A two- and a three-mirror system).





Sculptural Form: This one is #46 from an edition of 60 and is dated 1991. This was my first Straub kaleidoscope and it remains one of my favorites.






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